8.3 Delphine Lesaffre
8.3 Delphine Lesaffre

Tai chi and Qi Gong Teacher

Téléphone + 32 473 51 46 00 Email delphinelesaffre108@gmail.com

« L‘art du chi » method is rooted in the arts of TaiChi and QiGong. These arts being themselves an embodiment of ancient Taoist practices. These disciplines invite us to become more attentive to our own experience as it unfolds moment by moment! This in turn may help us grow in our capacity to enjoy being in a living breathing body... Vlady Stevanovitch is the creator of this method. He developed a unique method teaching the traditional energetic techniques to a western public.


Who am I?: My name is Delphine Lesaffre and I am Qi Gong & Tai Chi teacher at “la voie intérieure” school (Art du Chi).

Body movement is, in my eyes, an essential key to well-being. I have been practicing TaiChi and QiGong for almost 20 years, Over time, and based on my expertise in Learning & Development, I have specialized in the field of 'well-being at work 'and also step in companies as a learning expert, coach and mediator.

The discovery of the Art of Chi led me to explore the beneficial actions of chi in the body and to advance on my path in harmony with the Living.



Thursday:  20h - 21h30



Subscription for 15 courses = 200 €

Discovery course:  5€

Individual course: 18€ 


website: www.delphinelesaffre.com


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