2.2 Carine CREPIN, PhD
2.2 Carine CREPIN, PhD

Certified Nutrition Therapist, member of UDNF

Téléphone 0460 95 36 77 Email karinemarie.crepin@gmail.com

I graduated as a Bioengineer (Nutrition & Dietetics) and I have obtained a PhD in Agronomic Sciences, at UCLouvain. I am a certified Nutrition Therapist (CERDEN) and a member of the UDNF.


Nutrition therapy is based on biochemistry of which it is the concrete application. It aims to promote health and optimize physiological functions, and is mainly based on informed nutritional and micronutritional choices, associated with other resources to ensure an optimal quality of life, such as movement, stress management, breathing techniques, etc.


My approach is based on an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms that underlie optimal health, and includes an assessment of eating behaviors and lifestyles, dietary imbalances and possible nutritional deficits. A rebalancing will be offered via personalized recommendations, in coordination with the attending physician and / or specialist.


My interventions will be in all areas, in particular :

- Nutritional assessment and rebalancing, correction of any nutritional and micronutritional deficits; nutritional chronobiology

- Successful aging: optimization and conservation of health capital; support of cognitive functions (memory, learning and concentration), prevention and nutritional therapy of diseases linked to aging (neurodegenerative diseases, joint diseases, undernutrition, lowered immunity – to name a few)

- Nutritional therapy support in the case of adaptive behavior (stress) and mood disorders (anxiety and depression)

- Nutritional therapy support in the case of behavioral disorders (hyperactivity, eating behavior, addictions – smoking cessation in particular)

- Nutritional therapy support for sleep disorders

- Nutritional therapy support for fatigue and long-term energy restoration

- Food allergies, intolerances and hypersensitivities

- Women: nutritional and micronutritional support during adolescence, peri-conception (preconception and pregnancy) and menopause,

- Immunonutrition: strengthening and stimulating immunity to better resist infections

- Cancer: nutritional therapy support both for prevention and as a complement to the therapeutic approach


Consultation in French and in English


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