5.5 Mieczyslawa Wojcik
5.5 Mieczyslawa Wojcik

Humanist therapy - Energy psychology

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The tools :

Relational therapy through empathetic and compassionate presence, humanist approach

Internal relationship therapy

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique – for negative beliefs treatment)

Remap (Reed Eye Movement Acupressure Psychotherapy – for relieving emotional overload and stress)

TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises – for releasing the body from accumulated tensions during stressful life experiences)


Introduction :

A humanist therapy approach, to settle more clarity and serenity in your daily life.

Mieczysława Wójcik – Humanist relational therapist – Energy psychology


What if you became your best friend?


What if your little inner judge changed his.her mind about yourself?

What if you could accept yourself as you are, one small step a time?

What if the realm of possibilities opened up in front of you?


You’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, you feel like you’re confused?...

You’re living difficult times.

You’re suffering from phobia, OCD, addiction, circular mental ruminations; you’re in a grieving process, you’re dealing with a burn-out,...


You wish to live with more lightness, joy, internal peace.

And what if these proposals towards more well-beingbecame reality?...


The counselling I’m proposing through a compassionate listening in the relational therapy and the energy psychology tools enables to settle more clarity and serenity in your daily life.



Relational therapy through empathetic and compassionate presence


The humanist approach counselling I’m proposing enables to settle more clarity and serenity in your daily life.

The empathetic and compassionate listening, through warm welcomeand clarification, leads to understandingoneself emotional functioning and the behaviours arising from it.

Self-acceptance allows then to transform the wounds and nurture new quality relationships, expressing in an authentic way “who I am”, “what I’m living”.


Internal relationship therapy


Or moving aheadto meet oneself inner world : emotions, beliefs, wounds, behaviours, physical sensations, from the therapist’s and oneself approving gaze, through openness of heartin the therapeutic alliance.

Throughout this pathway, learning to love oneselfand to feel self-love and internal peace, concretely in the body.


Energy psychology


These are tools you’ll learn to use more and more during the sessions. Making use of these techniques in your daily life will help you to retrieve vital energy in yourself.

They’re the result of evidence-based research combining Chinese traditional medicine age old wisdom with the last neurosciences discoveries from 21-st century.

Using acupressure points enables to cure traumas, negative beliefs, emotional overload, lack of vital energy, stress,...


Who am I ?

A part of the human line, receptive to others’ feeling from early childhood and wishing to contribute to common good.

After studying hotel management and a first professional experience of four years to the service of others, I chose the public administration way, after achieving a political science master. The common thread of this progression remained the relationship with the other and contributing to the community.

Ten years later, a fundamental reconsideration of the life I’d been leading up to then, brought me to a vocational retraining ; from the quest for meeting who I am, the need of contributing to everyone’s and each one’s well-being turned out to be my transformation’s lever. Diving into my inner self brought me to a return to the roots, to one of my prime passions : human being, its functioning, its evolution and relationship interdependence. Once the initiatory path started, there remained a fundamental question : « How can I dedicate to this passion in my daily life?” The answer I found is the counsellingI’m proposing you.


Looking forward to meet up!




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